PWEN Diamond Membership

PWEN Diamond Membership
PWEN Diamond Membership
SKU#: PROD51125
Price: $100.00

Diamond Partner: We offer the following membership benefits to our Diamond members for an annual partnership seed of a $100:

- Welcome Package with Gift

- Unlimited Access to Live Streaming and Recorded Webcasts

- Unlimited Access to Articles, Blog Discussion Forums, and Messages/Videos from our Founder and Special Guest Pastors' Wives

- PWEN Social and Professional Networking (feature your products, businesses, ministries, etc. with other PWEN members on the PWEN website)

- VIP Access, Reserved Seating, and Pre-Conference Reception Admission for the Annual "Refreshing Conference for Pastors' Wives"

- Discounted Cost for all Counseling & Mentoring Programs

- Unlimited Access to the PWEN Newsletter and Upcoming Events

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